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First Hand Or Second Hand Pickup Trucks

Generally people are tempted to buy a second hand pickup truck, because it helps them to save some extra bucks. While a first hand pickup truck looks tempting, because of the brand new features and latest technology. Here is a little "know what", on first hand and second hand pickup trucks.

Here is a list of requirements that generally people consider while purchasing a pickup truck.

  • Meeting our budget
  • Size of the pickup truck
  • Powerful engine
  • Comfortable seats
  • Manufacturer

These are basic requirements and definitely should be matched to earn a great deal. Second hand pickup trucks are available at 1/4th price as compared to a first hand pickup truck. A first hand pickup truck comes with a powerful engine that will make it last long. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of first hand and second hand pickup trucks.

A first hand pickup truck won’t require much maintenance for a long period. Also they usually come with free 4-8 servicing that are required for a smooth functioning.

There are high chances that a second hand pickup truck will break down on regular intervals. It will need a change of various parts like: battery, breaks, exhaust system etc.

A first hand pickup truck will be under a warranty period, with a full covered insurance. If problems arrive, then all the expenses will be taken care of by the manufacturer or the dealer.

A second hand pickup truck will be out of warranty period. The already rugged out engine will require a lot of work from time to time. This will cost the owner extra time and money.

A first hand pickup trucks will have all the latest technology and features. It will be comfortable for long and off road drives.

A second hand pickup truck might not be technologically advanced or might not have comfortable seating, since it was originally built in a different time.

Overall a second hand pickup truck can be given a new look with good paint and fixing the broken parts, but the engine and internal system will still remain old. This will cause regular break downs and a lot of money. While a first hand pickup truck will not only look new, but also will consist of brand new engine parts and technology. They might charge heavy on your pockets while purchase, but will definitely give you a smooth sailing ride later for a long period of time. All the above requirements can be met in both first hand and second hand pickup trucks. Ultimately quality of the pickup truck is what sets it apart and makes a huge difference.

Choice is yours.


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