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A Hat-trick Debut in Bolivia

  • A Hat-trick Debut in Bolivia

Super Ace, Xenon, LPT 613 

Bolivia is a landlocked country with a fairly young population and an economy which is on its way up. Tata Motors’ foray into the Bolivian commercial vehicle segment makes it our third stop in the LATAM market.

Agriculture, mining and manufacturing are the main contributors of the economy, which create a constant need in the country for cargo transport vehicles. Fueling that is a burgeoning middle class that’s spending more on cars and travel, and an expanding population in the urban and suburban areas.

Bolivia is also a country where the terrains are extreme. La Paz is at a height of 3,500 meters-making it the highest capital in the world-while Santa Cruz, an important commercial hub, is almost at sea level. The road conditions are similar to India with comparable transport vehicle requirements. Bolivia needs rugged and durable vehicles that can cater to the richness and versatility of the region along with enough hub-and-spoke distribution, both from the main city to the suburban areas and vice versa. By introducing the Tata Super Ace, Tata Xenon, and Tata LPT613 in this South American country, we intend to do just that.

“The three products that we are starting off with have proven themselves across markets in the globe, in terms of last-mile distribution,” says Rudrarup Maitra, (Head – International Business, Commercial Vehicles).

The power of three

Here’s a look at some of the features that make these three vehicles – Super Ace, Xenon, LPT 613 – the most-preferred choice in the Bolivian automotive market.

The Super Ace offers superior last-mile cargo transport solutions, meeting the requirements of intra- and inter-city transport with assured versatility and speed, making it ideal for distribution of fresh produce, heavy goods and FMCG products. More importantly, the low cost of acquisition makes it a sought-after product for cost-conscious entrepreneurs.

As for the Xenon, the smartest pick-up in its class, the vehicle has been designed for entrepreneurs as well as customers who need a vehicle both for personal and commercial use. Of course, our LPT613 remains a bestseller for its reliability and the alternatives it offers as it caters to a comprehensive range of cargo across diverse industries, while providing consistently high mileage.

Bolivia is integral to our international business strategy and we are positive about developing the country’s commercial vehicle market just as we have been doing in Chile and Ecuador.

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