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Pickup Trucks By Tata Motors

In some places, the term pickup truck is used for light trucks, that have lighter duty chassis and factory built. These trucks are light motor vehicle and usually have an open top, with a rear cargo area. The names of these trucks differ from country to country and are commonly known as utility trucks or bakkie. Pickup trucks have various definitions, two of the most common definitions are: A light truck having an enclosed cab and an open body with low sides and tailgate – Webster and a simple definition is, ‘Small truck used for light loads’.

Here is an insight on the two types of pickup trucks built efficiently by Tata Motors.

Super Ace:

This pickup truck is powered by a fuel efficient 1.4liter MPFL petrol engine. This pickup truck is extremely powerful and has an engine that can deliver up to 85HP power. This truck has many features like AC, power steering and power window. It has a fast turnaround time and is best in its class. This pickup truck is ideal for city usage or city to city movements of goods. The truck is built with a class and style along with cabin comfort and is sure to give delightful performance to the users.

Tata Xenon:

This pickup truck has the best mixture of looks and performance. It is a sturdy and powerful truck that gives out great performance naturally. It comes with an engine option of DICOR (diesel) and MPFI (petrol). A perfect blend of looks and performance. The truck has a rugged front and rear suspension with torsion bar, this makes it strong enough to last a lifetime. The looks of this truck are elegant modern and aggressive, making it the best truck of its class.


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